Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Ev-Yol international company has fully dedicated all of its efforts to quality control through possession of expert and experienced human resources and establishment of professional laboratories in projects and has demonstrated its commitment in compliance with technical specifications and international quality standards in every project in collaboration with quality assurance teams.

Safe, successful and long term operation of projects completed by Ev-Yol company has promoted it as an exemplary construction company at a national level. Numerous acknowledgment letters conferred by the clients are among the professional honors and awards of this company.

In line with the achievement of operational quality goals and long term and safe functionality of the project, Ev-Yol international company establishes quality assurance teams and quality control laboratories in every project and composes the required instructions and guidelines based on the relevant technical specifications of the project and issues“No-Defect”certificates for different parts of the project and monitors it throughout the warranty period.

Composition of standard instructions for general technical specifications and implementation of quality control and quality assurance in concrete operations, steel works, subgrade execution for railways and freeways, pavement operations, formworks, aggregates, cement and chemical materials, electrical and mechanical equipment and facilities, and construction methods of dams, highways, industrial buildings, water and wastewater treatment plants, pump stations and hydro-electric power stations play an important role in successful compliance with technical specifications of the projects.