Safety, Health & Environment

Benefiting from well-educated and experienced staff, Ev-Yol International Company places a great importance on observing safety, health and environmental protection principles in its projects and it has established an HSE system based on the following outlines in order to achieve this objective and is committed to effective implementation of these obligations and international regulations on environmental protection, safety and human rights.

A commitment to prevention of environmental pollution, contamination of soil, water and air, by identifying, monitoring and setting objectives for significant environmental aspects in implementation of civil projects in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and organizations.

A commitment to employee health and safety and reducing incidents of human resources, by identifying, evaluating, monitoring and targeting occupational hazards in order to reduce risk in construction projects, in compliance with the regulations of relevant organizations.

Optimized utilization and development of human resources, including employment in jobs related to their skills and enhancing their capabilities to guarantee success in the HSE system

Using appropriate and efficient equipment in accordance with project requirements


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