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Engineering and Development Deputy in   Ev-Yol Company renders related services consciously for projects and through its staff's expertise, experience and knowledge and by applying the most up-to-date common international soft wares.

This deputy is active in three departments of technical office, project control and planning, design & study.


Presenting services such as price estimation and offer, sources estimation and projects' volumes, contracts' affairs, drawing and architectural studio, engineering design and study in relation with whole company's activities, managing sites' QA/QC units compatible with private, technical features and quality international standards, financing budgets, projects' plan and schedules, planning all required sources to execute projects on basis of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as well as administrative, precious and organized control at the time of project implementation, ensuring the adequacy of project progress in accordance with the plan and preventing probable deviation, are all responsibilities of this deputy.


The staff working in Research & Development unit of this deputy goes shoulder in shoulder with the world technology progress making Ev-Yol know and apply the most up-to-date technology. The experts in this deputy are all educated of master, bachelor and Ph.D programs from reliable universities and they all have the knowledge of using the most developed software.  


I.C.T Department

Information Communication Technology unit was put into operation with the aim of rendering technical and engineering services related to Information Communication Technology in Ev-Yol company and its subsidiaries.


As a capable company, this unit meets hardware, software, information and communication needs of the users within the holding company, sites and subsidiary companies on basis of client-oriented structures and work processes and through the staff's several years of experience, knowledge and expertise.


Rendering continuous services to all other units in Ev-Yol company such as technical and executive unit, machinery and trading, financial unit, human resources unit, administrative unit and making users equipped with hardware modern equipments, software up-to-date equipments and internet, Information Communication Technology unit has provided the field of ever-increasing progress for all aforementioned expertise units.


Quality Management Department

Quality management unit was established in 2008 in Ev-Yol and in its subsidiary sites. The main task of this unit is documentation of policies, systems, plans, executive methods and agenda.

Applying total quality management leads to sequential and ongoing control of the works and consequently to recognition of errors and removal of probable errors in future. Quality management means every member of a group take his attempts to improve efficiency or capacity of service-rendering and effectiveness with the aim of increase in clients' satisfaction.


Administration Department

Managing Director Office

Financial Department