The Managing Director's Message


Ev-Yol Company established in 1978 with the aim of working on construction and of removing deprivation from Iran's provinces. In spite of all economic, regional and internal security ups and downs, this company managed to pass the way of progress and development during these recent four decades.

Continuous activity in design and construction of the grand projects such as road-construction, dam-construction and foundation and benefiting from up-to-date engineering technology and knowledge and observing international standards, has added valuable experiences to this company's professional records. One of the responsibilities of Ev-Yol is to preserve, promote and apply these experiences continuously under the shadow of specialists and efficient machinery and financial resources for the purpose of prosperity and development.

Having acquired and relied on precious experiences and the stated resources within the country, beside domestic and internal activities, this company has been active in international arena since fourth decade of its existence.

This is more than a decade that world community has moved from industrial age to the information technology and postindustrial age, thus; Ev-Yol is about to move hand in hand with the world community in performing its national and transnational duties.

We believe that the only way to bring peace, stability and welfare for mankind throughout the world is the state, regional and global sustainable and balanced development and we, as an active organization in the construction industry, have the responsibility to play role in the global sustainable development.

Therefore; relying on our human resources, knowledge and technical experiences, we are about to have a long stride on the way of rendering technical and engineering services and of moving toward all approved strategic plans of the company and these are something which will be reached by preserving and promoting the products' quality and quantity, by considering the customers' satisfaction, and by cooperating with scientific-research centers.

Salar Aliari

Managing Director